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    Disinfection up to 99.9%

    What is MicroSTOP?

    MicroSTOP is a disinfection of surfaces by controlled UVC radiation. UVC radiation destroy microorganisms like
    SARS COVID19 and Influenza so it protects you and your loved ones.

Your Health is important to us

UVC radiation may cause irreversible damages without proper protection. Thus UVC radiation must be continuously controlled.

MicroSTOP provides an automation system which controls the UVC sources in such a way that no human/animal is within the affected range.

What is UVC?

Ultraviolet light (UV) is defined as electromagnetic radiation with wavelength between 10–400 nm (nanometer) which is not visible to human eyes. UV light is subdivided in to 3 categories (ISO 21348) as
UVA | 400-315nm
95% of the UV radiation, reaches Earth’s surface from Sun is within this range. Radiation is not blocked atmosphere.
UVB | 315-280 nm
5% of the UV radiation, reaches Earth’s surface from Sun is within this range. Radiation is blocked by ozone layer of the atmosphere.
UVC | 280-100 nm
Most hazardous radiation to organism. All radiation from the Sun within this range is completely blocked by ozone layer of the atmosphere.

UVC Everywhere in our Life

The Sun is main source of UV radiation. However, only 3-4% of the radiation reaches Earth surface.


UV light first mentioned by Sir Isaac Newton in 1672. Arthur Downes and Thomas Blunt (1877) reported that within the same solution, bacteria population is much lower on the ones exposed Sunlight than the one not exposed sunlight. UVC has been widely used in disinfection of water since 1910. UVC radiation can germicide surfaces up to 99% depending upon wavelength of UVC and duration of exposed time.

When 200-320 nm UV light which is called "Ultraviolet Germicidal Irradiation" (UVGI) is applied to microorganism, photons are absorbed by organism which causes the change in DNA/RNA chain. UVGI can be used in epidemic and pandemic outbreaks as a germicide.

Distance between surface and source is important

Successful application of UVC in germicide depends upon precise measurement and calculation.

Photons reaching to target decrease with inverse square of distance between target and source. Same objects between target and source may prevent UVC light reaching target area.
Reflections of UV light may also lead miscalculation of the doze needed. MicroSTOP can model optimum configuration for any place with a precise geometrical model and physical definition of material used.

What is the importance of automation of UVC disinfection?

Control of the dose is crucial parameter in germicide process. When given high dose than needed it may cause deformation on materials that is exposed overdose of UVC light. When UVC applied to humans or animals it may cause permanent disorder.

It is important that there will be living creature when UVC is applied. MicroSTOP cuts the energy of light sources when human or animal identified in exposure area.

MicroSTOP lets the user set parameters such as disintection period, duration and frequency.

UVC Applicable areas and Equipments

UVC light can prevent growth of unwanted microorganism up to 99%. It is possible to disinfect any surfaces providing a physical model of the environment. There areas can UVC can be applied safely with MicroSTOP.

Applicable Areas
Restaurants and kitchen area
Nursery Schools and playground
Office, Meeting Room
Religious Monuments

Disinfectant Products
UVC Hand Draying Equipment
Hand Washing Education Sets


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